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4×4 wheelchairs help you remain active
wherever and whenever

4×4 wheelchairs for use on all surfaces, outdoors and indoors.

Although principally outdoor wheelchairs, the 4×4s are designed to pass through doors to make getting around easier.
Their turning circle means they can be used indoors, despite the fact that they are mainly intended for outdoor use.

Advice for selecting your 4×4 wheelchair:

P4-Crossover or P4 Country: which would suit you best?
Both of these 4×4 wheelchairs have four 250-watt drive wheels.
They each have a total power of 1,000 watts, although this power is used differently as they are designed for different purposes.


Le fauteuil 4x4 crossover


Simple and efficient, the P4 Crossover has two 110-A batteries, giving it a range of 25 to 30 km.
Its rear wheels are fixed, while its free front wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability.

Its progressive steering system helps to overcome the most difficult obstacles and stabilises the steering, while climbing a ramp for example.
It is therefore ideal for everyday local use.

Access to the P4-CROSSOVER


Le fauteuil 4x4 country pour handicapés


As for the P4 Country it has a total of 200 Amps of batteries, giving it a range of 40 to 50 km. As an option, it can take 160-A lithium batteries.

The steering is governed by a servomotor connecting the front and rear wheels, making it easier to drive and more comfortable on difficult and uneven surfaces. As on a car, the realignment of the wheels is automatic.
That’s why the P4 Country is the preferred option for long-distance ramblers.

Access to the P4-COUNTRY


Designed to encourage the independence of mobility-impaired people and enable them to maintain an active and mobile lifestyle, the all-surface 4power4 wheelchairs keep moving in situations where most other wheelchairs have to stop: kerbs, cobblestones, gravel, grass, mud, snow, wet sand, steep slopes, long distances, etc.
To be able to do this, the P4 Crossover and P4 Country wheelchairs meet rigorous specifications in terms of robustness and durability. For example, they only use rust-resistant materials like aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

Principally designed for outdoor use, the 4power4 wheelchairs can pass through standard 70 cm doors to move indoors. Their turning circle means they can be used indoors, although they are mainly intended for outdoor use.

With more than 15 years’ experience in 4-wheel drive wheelchairs active on a daily basis worldwide, plus several wheelchair patents for steering systems in particular, 4power4 stands for reliability and longevity.